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All Trekking Nepal Pvt Ltd is a key Adventure Travel association in Nepal worked by the most experienced and committed gathering of community specialists issuing you Economy treks, holidays and voyages.We are affirmed by the Government of Nepal and enrolled/approved with the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Civil Aviation of Nepal for paid holidays, treks, mountaineering and assorted know-how practices in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.


Trekking in Nepal


Nepal, roof of the world and the land of ancient Himalayas, home of the world’s maximum mountain peaks. Nepal undoubtedly has some of the world’s best renowned trekking places on the planet.


Trekking in Nepal usually are moderate wandering in mountains to the extreme climbing up to the Himalayas, off-road heights, exotic and sunny trips, hill-sides and woodland mountain valleys trips passing through local civilization with the antique and traditional of way of life and mountain culture which gives you to gain some memorable experience of natural living and life ruled by the mother nature during your any type of hiking/ walking/trekking expeditions in Nepal, the land of Himalayas. Certainly, trekking in world's higher altitude and untamed places are always wonderful and memorable experiences of untamed nature and memorable visit on your life-time where you are being ruled by the nature.


Trekking in Nepal is risk-free. Everyone from any kind of global locations, any kind of gender could possibly journey in Nepal safely and securely without any trouble at all.  We all enjoy complete risk-free practices of trekking with convenience and overall flexible environment along with complete training and guaranteed survival safety measure of altitude sickness and first aids of other high altitude hazard resulting a risk-free trekking and assure you an incredible joyous getaway.

Some of the popular renowned trekking routes of Nepal are the hillsides of Makalu, Manaslu, Kanchanjunga, Dawalagiri, Dolpo, Upper Dolpo, Langtang, Annapurna, Mount Everest Base Camp, Tilicho Lake/ Peak and more which has fascinated all type of trekkers around the world.


Tours in Nepal


Nepal is definitely an exclusive location in the world that has all-natural enlightenment of exotic mountainous climates and exceptional natural locations in terms of different heights and climates. This kind of nature’s outstanding elevation of highlands of more than 6000 meters above sea level extending up to the highest peak of the world , Mt. Everest which is about 8 848 meter is only found in Nepal.


Nepal triumph this kind pride which attracts the intercontinental traveler trying to reach the world’s highest royal foothills to enjoy and observe the enchanting and wonderful natural locations and antique Himalayan culture. Nepal has pure beauty of nature and ancient civilization that rewards its pride.


Nepal gives the authentic Himalayan travel experience through its natural and environmental perspective, and full background of cultural variations and historical legends along with exotic scenic natural locations and ethnic tribes surviving in this excellent great territory. Nepal is full of antique Hindu temples, Buddhist Monasteries, elderly peoples,  superior residence, architectures, local community as well as ancient ritual practices, Tribes, and cultural.

Certainly, Nepal is the best territory for your next vacation which has an excellent collection of getaway spots for the visitors worldwide. In Nepal you will be normally delightful throughout your trip, sightseeing and tour where you can be the part of the world’s exotic locations and antique places. In addition to pure natural beauty there are many last endangered species of flora and fauna, wetlands, fields, farm houses, animal rearing zones, national parks, forests, conservation zones and zones of untamed nature.


Climbing in Nepal


In recent days Nepal has become more targeted by tourists for its spectacular findings concerning the highest potential mountain expeditions, featuring the seven peaks above 8000 meters, the highest places on the earth.


These peaks are considered as the trip that every people on earth should consider travelling once in their lifetime. It means that every people on this earth will visit this place once in their lifetime. They are most destined location on earth and they are wanted by the people around the world.


There are 1310 peaks in Nepal that have been discovered by the worlds which are suitable for climbing expeditions, and have been renowned as the highest locations of the earth that one must visit in their lifetime. On the list of discovered 1310 peaks above 6000 meter, most of them are legally opened for regular mountain climbing routines as the regular trekking locations. Climbing these types of peaks can be the next phase of adventure trekking in regards to Himalayas Expeditions of 8000-meter peaks.


Almost all of trekking peaks usually below 6500m are opened with legal route permits by the government of Nepal. You'll find more than 20 peaks of 6500m opened for regular mountain voyage.


For those enthusiastic trekkers who want to experience the high altitude mountaineering experience for their starting lessons on mountaineering expeditions these locations less than 6500meter always comes first on their preference. It is truly a genuine challenge for any new passionate trekkers to gain experience on higher mountaineering expeditions where you can have the opportunity to gain an adventurous and courageous training.

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